The Top 3 Toy Trends for 2020

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Eras are changing, and with that, needs and wants vary. Similarly, the way children play also evolves over time. So, what will kids ask for in 2020 and what trends will new toys follow?

Every toy maker, distributor, or retailer needs to keep these questions in mind when bringing a new game or toy to the market. Not only do the concepts need to please kids, but they must also convince parents who only want what’s best for their little ones’ development. Continue reading to discover the 2020 toy trends.

Trend #1: Future-centered toys

Our world is calling for protection. Children learn about climate change and want to make planet Earth a safe place for humans, flora, and fauna. Curious and concerned like never before, children will love to know that their toys are eco-friendly and how they benefit the planet.

Many climate activists are raising concerns about the dangers of global warming or excessive plastic use to our environment. Thus, toys are a way to educate children on how they can contribute to helping their planet. As described on, “Environmental awareness, sustainability and renewable energy can be explained in a child-appropriate manner through play”.

At UNGA, we work hard to create more sustainable concepts that families enjoy, for fun and education. One of them is the “Little Garden” loyalty campaign, a big hit among children in many parts of the world and something that has made them super enthusiastic about gardening. They love it and parents appreciate its value, which ultimately also benefits retailers.

Trend #2: Digital turns physical

There is no doubt that we have developed into a digital world—one that affects more children’s lives every day. Screens and technology introduce them to animation, and they quickly become huge fans of famous virtual characters.

Hence, as a study by Spielwarenmesse reveals, one of the biggest trends will be turning children’s favorite digital characters into physical toys. They can take on any form, from soft toys and figurines to puzzles and board games.


Trend #3: ‘Be yourself’ games

Children are impulsive and innocently speak their minds without restraint, even about others’ looks, nationality, background, or religion. Growing up, they need to learn how diversity is richness and not a threat or something to make fun of. Play becomes the perfect tool to invite children to be curious about others, to understand and cooperate with each other, and to always stay true to themselves.

When children play games that encourage collaboration, it also improves their emotional and social skills. They build and learn to manage their relationships with other kids or adults and start opening up to the world around them. That is why our toy designers here at UNGA make sure that the concepts we bring to life are perfectly conceived to involve siblings and parents.

2020 ushers in a new decade. A new decade should start with a modern mindset. Why not welcome it with some super inspiring eco-friendly concepts, new versions of physical toys and games that encourage kids to dare to be themselves?

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