Torna-te Um Campeão: Intermarché Teams Up With Football Players to Inspire Portuguese Families

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20.05.2021 campaigns, news

It’s kick-off time! Discover Intermarché’s new loyalty campaign in Portugal: Torna-te Um Campeão (“Become a Champion”). Developed by UNGA, the promotion features 32 famous football players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Joao Felix, and Bernardo Silva, and aims to stimulate families to cook and eat healthy. Here’s how!

Credit: Intermarché Portugal


32 European football players, 32 recipes to collect and win

After collaborating on A Minha Quinta Origens, Intermarché’s Bricks Farm campaign, the Portuguese retailer renewed the partnership to focus this time on football and healthy eating. “We’re very proud to have been chosen by Intermarché Portugal for their second loyalty campaign,” shares Patricia Thomopoulos, Senior Account Manager at UNGA. “Working together on this energetic, tasty, and fun campaign has been very exciting!”

Intermarché Portugal is rewarding families and kids with 2 sticker booklets for every EUR 20 they spend on groceries. The goal: Collecting the entire line-up of stickers to complete the colorful Torna-te Um Campeão collector’s album and be closer to becoming champions.

Each sticker booklet includes:

  • 1 portrait sticker of a player
  • 1 action sticker of that same player
  • 1 recipe sticker, including instructions and a photo of the dish recommended by the football player

This playful campaign features 32 famous European football players including the Portuguese players Cristiano Ronaldo, Joao Felix, and Bernardo Silva, but also the World Champions Umtiti and Matuidi, or even Veratti and Modrić.

Intermarché Portugal loyalty campaign - Rewards

With the Torna-te Um Campeão collector’s album sold separately at Intermarché Portugal, kids can learn a lot about the players’ football careers, but also discover many fun facts and play football- and food-related games. Portuguese families will be busy this summer!

Moreover, kids have the possibility to scan their stickers with their phones to add them to the Torna-te Um Campeão app and complete their digital collection. With the app, they can access exclusive information about the players, create their avatars, and play more mini football games.


A collection of tasty recipes to inspire families to eat healthy

According to the World Health Organization, 30% of all European children are overweight or obese, and childhood obesity has become an increasing issue over the years*. Intermarché Portugal, therefore, takes a stand and stimulates kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle with the help of their favorite football players.

Intermarché Portugal loyalty campaign - Sticker booklets

While the portrait and action stickers are great for kids to play and learn about their sports heroes, fruit, and vegetables, the Torna-te Um Campeão campaign will delight parents with tasty and healthy recipes to try at home.

Portuguese salad, Pita with lamb and feta cheese, Stewed vegetables with quinoa… The recipe stickers are enriched with detailed steps to cook great meals with Intermarché’s fresh products. The 32 recipes featured in the loyalty campaign will win over families and bring them inspiration for weeks. 

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