Turning Kids into Virtual Store Managers with A Minha Loja Intermarché App

16.12.2021 campaigns

In November 2021, we launched our new bricks campaign together with Intermarché in Portugal: A Minha Loja Intermarché. Since then, Portuguese kids have been collecting and building their Intermarché shops with the brick sets from this loyalty program. Thanks to our new bricks mobile app, a novelty developed by UNGA for this campaign, kids and families are extending their playful journey from the physical bricks sets to their screens.

Discover how A Minha Loja Intermarché App combines real life and the virtual world engagingly with mini-games and challenges to have fun while learning everything about the supermarket universe. 

Turning phones into Intermarché Bricks supermarkets


After collecting the bricks sets at Intermarché shops, kids can start their adventure and turn their phones into a playful supermarket. By scanning the physical bricks collected during the loyalty campaign, the little ones can unlock new products in their virtual store, making their Intermarché store even more realistic and complete. The more the merrier: new challenges and mini-games can be unlocked by scanning different sets from the bricks collection. The complete line-up of bricks means access to all the app features and mini-games. In addition, merchandise items can also be digitalized in the app, offering special abilities to the Intermarché digital store.

But what makes the online Bricks journey such a special and immersive experience?
The virtual experience is enhanced by the
personalization of the store manager avatar and the AR features that allow kids to walk around their store and take care of their stocks, shelves, and products. With the aid of Augmented Reality technology, the real size brick figurines can come to families’ living rooms to teach kids all about different topics in a fun way: How do solar panels work? What exactly is a self-checkout? These are only a few of the learnings that kids can discover while playing with the A Minha Loja Intermarché App


Playing and learning in the virtual Bricks universe


Keeping the educational value in mind, UNGA developers created a whole supermarket universe for kids to explore, learn and play. Within the online games, families have the opportunity to learn about logistics and day-to-day management tasks with their supermarket. More than that, they have to be creative and work hard to reach their daily goals, keep their clients happy, and make their Intermarché store the most successful one!

The Intermarché Bricks App is all about stimulating kids to use their imagination and creativity. There is no limit to fun and learning in this innovative virtual Bricks universe created by UNGA. Kids can handle most of the store managers’ activities: add shelves and start selling more products, add the promotional island and place offer extra stock, unlock the self-checkout and let customers scan themselves, add solar panels to the store and make some extra gains. With their phones in their hands and a bit of creativity, Portuguese kids can carry their virtual supermarket anywhere they go. They are all set to run their own Intermarché Bricks supermarket! 


Just like in real life, the A Minha Loja Intermarché App allows kids and families to learn by managing all the important parts of the supermarket universe. The mini-games includes playful challenges such as:

  • Hire employees to help out with the tasks
  • Take care of the stock & orders
  • Unload the trucks & restock shelves
  • Keep the store clean and organized
  • Help customers find their favorite Porsi products
  • Scan products at checkout
  • Reach the daily goals and keep customers happy

As shared by Joris Janbroers, UNGA UX Lead, the application is an important step into the phygital development of loyalty programs. “With our new app, UNGA created a powerful extension to our famous Bricks campaign. Connecting our physical Bricks to a virtual app allows kids to enter a world full of character, endless fun, and learning possibilities. This makes for an immersive and engaging experience for kids and families to play, learn and have fun together”.


Curious about our Bricks universe?
Download A Minha Loja Intermarcé App (available at App Store & Play Store) and discover all about the unique features of this application!


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