UNGA and Right To Play Renew Partnership for a Second Year

14.01.2021 news

A year ago, we partnered up with Right To Play, and this collaboration has been an important part of UNGA ever since. Just like us, Right To Play believes in the power of play to help kids learn and grow. They use it to empower children to rise above even the most difficult challenges. Joining forces to promote the power of play was therefore a great way for us all to spread this message.

We are thrilled to announce that we have renewed our partnership with Right To Play and are stepping into 2021 with a new yearly contribution that supports Right To Play’s programs, as well as other upcoming novelties to further spread the power of play together.


Looking back on this past year alongside Right To Play, we had the opportunity to play and learn ourselves and support Right To Play’s actions in 15 countries.

  • We joined forces in 2020 to promote the power of play and raise awareness about how it can protect children and help them grow, no matter where they are in the world.
  • UNGA’s yearly contribution in 2020 supported Right To Play’s programs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Through these programs, Right To Play was able to reach millions of children and teach them the critical skills they need to dismantle barriers and embrace opportunities in learning and in life.
  • Throughout the year, UNGA employees learned more about the stories of many children involved in the programs. Through play, they learn how to heal from the harsh realities of war and abuse, how to change their behavior and protect themselves from disease and how to go to school, graduate, and create a better future for themselves. Listening to their stories made us realize how much we can impact their lives.
  • That is what motivated our team to move for them: each time we cycled, ran, or exercised in any way, we tracked our physical activity through the Scooch app and pushed ourselves to unlock play rewards that would benefit these children, today and in the future.

By the end of December, we had proudly unlocked:

    • 951 radio broadcasts, sharing information about Covid-19 and playful tips to stay mentally and physically fit
    • 868 play cards, with instructions for games to learn hygiene guidelines
    • 701 handwashing games, created to help contain the spread of Covid-19
    • 537 home or remote visits by Right To Play volunteer coaches and teachers to families’ homes.

As a result of our team moving for good, we happily handed over an extra thousand-euro cheque to Right To Play. In addition to UNGA’s yearly contribution, this marks the first milestone reached by our employees that actively support children and Right To Play’s programs. This also served as a perfect introduction to our second year as partners.


For more information on Right To Play, visit righttoplay.nl.

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