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25.06.2020 news

In May, UNGA started moving for Right To Play. With the help of Scooch, the vitality app that processes our physical activity and turns it into a common movement currency, UNGA’s employees were encouraged to exercise and track their weekly progress. The purpose of this initiative was not only to keep us stay active and healthy while working from home but also to support our partner Right To Play in its mission to empower children who grow up in some of the most difficult places on earth through play. Let’s rewind and recap what our first month of moving for good was all about.


UNGA moved for children in Ghana

Last month, we were thrilled to join the movement for good and start the initiative by supporting children in Ghana. Like in many places worldwide, children in Ghana grow up amidst poverty, child labor and diseases like Malaria. Through its play-based programs, Right To Play gives them the opportunity to learn different things. At school, games help children to actively engage in their lessons, enhancing their learning and keeping them in school. Outside the classroom, they play through performance, music, or dance to gain critical life skills such as self-esteem and being able to express themselves.

At present, working in Ghana is challenging because of the Covid-19 situation. There are several restrictions in place, such as social distancing. Therefore, Right To Play has adapted its play programs and continues to remotely deliver a range of games to families and communities via mobile apps and social and community media. By making a move, UNGA’s team was able to help children from them while having to stay at home.


How we helped Right To Play empower children in Ghana through play

By exercising every week over a month, UNGA employees supported Right To Play’s mission in Ghana during the Covid-crisis and helped unlock:

  • 114 radio broadcast plays providing information and play sessions on how to stay healthy during the Covid-crisis;
  • 110 play cards, with instructions for families on how to play at home together and for children to learn how to stay mentally and physically fit while being restricted to go out;
  • 98 handwashing games, which are part of a series of games created by Right To Play to help prevent the spread of Covid-19;
  • 84 distant or phone visits from coaches, working in the field to maintain contacts with children and to keep the power of play alive.

Henry Binnian, Sourcing Manager at UNGA, appreciates moving for children and Right To Play: “Since joining the movement for good with Scooch, I’ve been extra motivated to exercise. Knowing that each run or cycle will support Right To Play to empower, educate and protect children through play pushes me to do more while having fun myself!”

Akwasi Frimpong for Right To Play

Ghana is the home country of Olympic Skeleton athlete and Right To Play ambassador Akwasi Frimpong. We happily received a video from Akwasi in which the athlete addressed our team, thanking us for our contribution and encouraging us to keep moving and playing. The mini-documentary based on his visit to the Right To Play program in Ghana also inspired us, and his message was a great source of motivation for everyone.


As of June, UNGA’s participation in the movement for good continues. This month, we’re all moving for children in the Middle East. Stay tuned as we’re looking forward to sharing more about that soon.

For information on Right To Play’s programs, please visit their website or follow Right To Play Netherlands on Instagram.

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