UNGA nominated 4 times for the International Loyalty Awards!

16.03.2023 news

Every year, the International Loyalty Awards nominate loyalty campaigns in different categories to recognise their efforts and innovative concepts in building and fostering lasting and profitable relationships. 

At UNGA, we believe that loyalty campaigns should be more than just a way to reward customers. They should inspire and entertain, creating lasting relationships and positive experiences for all. We are dedicated to innovating with customised and engaging concepts to surprise and delight families and children around the world. And our efforts pay off! 

This year, we have received four nominations for the International Loyalty Awards 2023!

Three of UNGA’s campaigns have been recognised as finalists in two categories – Best-Eco Loyalty Initiative and Best Short-Term Loyalty Initiative. Our second Bricks campaign with Countdown – Countdown Bricks Farm, Checkers Little Shop 3, and the fourth edition of New World Little Garden have been shortlisted for the Best-Eco Loyalty Initiative. Additionally, Countdown Bricks Farm has also been nominated for the Best Short-Term Loyalty Initiative. 

Let’s take a closer look at UNGA’s finalists!


Learn about farming and healthy eating with Countdown Bricks Farm

With 40 unique farm-themed packs, the second Countdown Bricks campaign produced by UNGA enabled kids to collect bricks shaped as fruits, veggies, animals, and other farm features. Additionally, figurines modeled after real-life Kiwi farmers were included to honor local producers and suppliers. Plus, all bricks were made of 100% sustainable materials – a first in the loyalty world!

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Make your home your store with Checkers Little Shop 3

Checkers Little Shop has been a huge success since its first launch in 2016. In 2022, we released a new edition featuring 24 unique miniatures, this time made from 100% recycled materials. Shoppers collected grocery miniatures featuring Checkers’ own-brand and other famous brands and stored them in a playful collector’s case, while also enjoying endless pretend-play possibilities and quality family time.

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Learn about healthy living with New World Little Garden

New World Little Garden educates children on the importance of healthy eating and living. Back by popular demand, the seedling kits returned for the fourth time in August 2022, and 24 different herbs and veggies were up for collection. Every kit came with a seed mat, soil tablet, degradable pot, and recyclable fresh friend sticker. A purchasable collector’s album allowed fans to track their seedling variants and stickers.

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What’s next?

We’re excited to keep pushing the boundaries and sparking imagination with new collectible campaigns in the future. Collaborating with retailers, we strive to take on new challenges, bring innovative ideas to life, and inspire families through the power of play. Stay tuned to know more, the winners will be announced at the International Loyalty Awards which will take place in London in June.

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