UNGA Wins Four Prizes in the International Design Awards 2021

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11.01.2022 news

We’re thrilled to announce that four of our loyalty campaigns rewards have won prizes at the International Design Awards 2021. In addition to these amazing awards, UNGA also received 7 honorable mentions in different categories, such as Toy for Children, Toy for Teens, Board and Card Game, and even in the Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation category with Sports, Toys, and Games.

We already knew that families and grocery retailers around the world loved our campaigns and rewards. But now we are also sure that expert jurors, with more than 15 years of experience in design, love them too!

The goal of the International Design Awards 2021 is to recognize new, innovative, and ground-breaking products and share them with the world. In addition, as the  website states, the IDA is all about “rewarding the strategic thinking and imagination which goes into making a product that will be used, valued, and perhaps even loved by its target market.”

Discover our top UNGA campaigns that stood out and won awards in 2021:

GOLD Winner 2021
Design for Society & Eco-Sustainable Design

MS LS 2 - IDA 2021
Marks & Spencer  Little Shop 2
UK | 2020

Marks & Spencer Little Shop 2 is a playful loyalty campaign that features a line-up of 25 miniature replicas of M&S’s staple products to collect (for instance Percy Pig Fruity Chews and Pink Lady apples), in addition to a rare golden collectible, Colin the Caterpillar.

The minis, made from paper and cardboard or recycled plastic, invited kids to play as little shopkeepers and develop their imagination. Along with the minis, the line-up of collector’s cards revealed fun facts about M&S Food and interesting stories about sustaining energy and saving money. Through play, Little Shop 2 encouraged families to learn, reuse, and recycle.

In addition to the Gold Winner IDA 2021, M&S Little Shop 2 campaign also won an Honorable mention in the Toy Design (Toy for Children) category!

Jury’s comment:

“This is a really lovely marketing and design initiative that appeals to kids. Well done!” 


Shari Swan, Mole in a Minute
IDA Founder and CEO 

Check more about this unique award here.


SILVER Winner 2021
Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation
– Sports, Toys & Games

Checkers LG 2 - IDA 2021
Checkers Little Garden 2
South Africa | 2020

Little Garden 2 was a campaign designed for Checkers, in South Africa. The campaign featured a line-up of 24 seedling kits for families to learn how to grow 6 herbs, 8 flowers, and 10 vegetables. The kid-friendly seedling kits were season-appropriate and included a seed tape, a compostable pot, a soil pod, and a pop-out name tag. With the collector’s tray made of pulp and the wooden bee hotel as merchandise items, Little Garden was designed to be bee-attracting and encouraged kids to treat their buzzing friends with nectar and pollen.

The products have been locally sourced and produced in South Africa, empowering communities by employing 150+ people—mostly women. With this campaign, Checkers not only enabled families to grow a little ­­garden at home but also helped the South African community plant seeds for the future, something which was much appreciated by the local workforce.

More than “just” the Silver Winner IDA 2021, Checkers Little Garden 2 campaign also won 2 Honorable mentions, in two different categories:

  • Outdoor & Exercise Equipment 
  • Toy Design – Toy for Children

Read more about this award-winning campaign here.

BRONZE Winner 2021
Toy Design – Toy for Teens

Carrefour's Mange Comme Un Champion | UNGA 4
Carrefour Mange Comme Un Champion
France | 2020

Mange Comme Un Champion (“Eat Like A Champ”) was designed as a loyalty campaign for Carrefour France to inspire families to eat healthy and tasty. The giveaway featured sticker booklets featuring 35 famous European football players such as Ronaldo, Varane, and Verratti. Each booklet included 2 stickers of a player and 1 sticker of his favorite recipe to add to a collector’s album. The album revealed healthy tips from the players, fun facts & games designed for all family members.

Shoppers could download the ‘Mange Comme Un Champion’ app, as a fun way to collect and save digital stickers. By scanning the stickers with their phone, they could access the healthy recipes, the mini-games as well as the exclusive fun facts about each player, directly on their smartphones and tablets.

Carrefour connected with families and kids around the importance of a healthy lifestyle that help kids become champions, just like the football players they admire. Carrefour Mange Comme Un Champion scored the Bronze Winner IDA 2021, but also 2 Honorable Mentions in the following categories:

  • Toy Design – Toy for Children 
  • Toy Design – Board and Card Games

Learn all about this unique loyalty campaign here.

BRONZE Winner 2021
Toy Design – Board & Card Game

Magnit Have Fun With Hasbro Games
Russia | 2020

Together with the Russian retailer Magnit and Hasbro, UNGA has designed a special line-up of the world’s most popular games for families to redeem during the “Have Fun with Hasbro Games” campaign.

The games were produced with minimal use of plastic (only 2%), including the customized Monopoly Junior – Magnit Edition. This special Monopoly Junior invited kids to play as Magnit store managers. The featured products by participating brands, the colorful supermarket stands made of cardboard and the 3D supermarket trolley made the game a playful and immersive adventure for families.

Monopoly Classic, Monopoly Junior – Magnit Edition, Cluedo, Guess Who, and Trivial Pursuit. These were the most popular games during the Russian Winter season, brought by Magnit straight to families’ living rooms!

This campaign won the Bronze Winner IDA 2021, and also the Honorable Mention 2021 in the Toy Design – Toy for Children category!

Discover more about this playful campaign here.

About the International Design Awards

The International Design Awards (IDA) aim is to recognize, celebrate and promote exceptional design visionaries and discover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design worldwide. The judging criteria include the efforts of talented designers and design teams who aim to improve daily lives with practical and beautiful creations, designed to solve a problem, make life easier, or simply spread joy.

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