We did it: We moved for children worldwide!

21.08.2020 news

In May, we announced that we were getting moving to empower children with Right To Play. Well, that’s what we’ve been doing for the past 3 months, and we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved together.

Our partner, Right To Play, is a non-profit organization that educates, protects, and empowers children in disadvantaged communities through play, with programs in 15 different countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Moreover, since the power of play is also what animates us at UNGA, we thought that moving and exercising would be a great, playful way to support our partner and its meaningful mission.

So, with the help of the Scooch app, we’ve tracked our physical activity with one goal in mind: unlocking rewards that can help children worldwide benefit from Right To Play’s play-based programs. As such, our 3-month initiative has come to an end, and we’re proud to share that we’ve unlocked over 1,300 play rewards.

“Big applause for all UNGA employees who literary moved for Right To Play during these past COVID-19 months,” shared Marije Dippel, National Director Right To Play Netherlands. “With your support, we were able to keep children healthy, learning and mentally strong! A true example of a powerful partnership where play is at the heart of everything we do together. Thank you, UNGA!”


380 radio broadcasts

To reach out to more children, Right To Play provides information and play sessions over local radio channels, television, and social media platforms. The medium depends on the country itself and the availability of the internet. Everything is generally produced in the local language for children or one that they understand well.

→ In our 3 months of moving for Right To Play, UNGA helped make 380 radio broadcasts happen so that even at a distance imposed by lockdowns, children in African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries could still access information and play to stay mentally and physically fit.



363 playing cards

Games can have many forms, one of which is cards. Since the programs couldn’t take place in groups because of COVID-19, and because children needed to stay at home, Right To Play developed play cards. The cards are great resources that make learning and life-skills development active, engaging and fun. (The picture here shows a small group of children playing one of the games on the cards after small groups were allowed.)

→ In light of this, UNGA employees moving for good helped Right To Play distribute 363 playing cards to children in disadvantaged communities. This way, families could play together and learn how to protect, empower, and educate children despite these special times.


309 handwashing games

Washing our hands is necessary to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19. Therefore, Right To Play developed games and songs that make it fun and help kids learn the importance of handwashing. Right To Play also distributes soap and water to the most vulnerable children (and their families) through their programs.

→ By walking, running, cycling or even swimming, our team unlocked 309 handwashing games. And now, we happily have the song in our head as well. ♫ Wash your hands, Wash your hands, With some soap, With some soap, If you do not do this, If you do not do this, You’ll get sick, You’ll get sick.


254 home visits from local coaches

Maintaining contact with families is very important for Right To Play. In these difficult times, our partner has managed to ensure that local coaches visit families. During their visit, coaches talk about the current situation and prevention, highlighting how to stay healthy and how to continue learning through play.

→ Our team at UNGA has moved to make this happen as well. Since May, we’ve happily helped 254 families receive the benefit of a visit from local coaches in countries where Right To Play has play-based programs.

Since being active has never been so meaningful, UNGA isn’t going to stop here. “I’m super proud of our team!” says Gloria van Vonderen, our HR Coordinator who brought the initiative to life in collaboration with Right To Play. “Because we all moved so much, and I believe it is a real success story, we will continue using Scooch and moving for Right to Play until the end of the year.” A great way for us to nourish a partnership that means a lot to us, with an organization that does so much for children worldwide.

To read more about Right To Play’s programs, please visit righttoplay.com.

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