[Quiz] Which type of little reader is your child?

23.04.2021 news

Are books your little one’s best friends? It’s no secret that reading is extremely important for children. Whether they are picture books, fairy tales, interactive books, or even poetry books, all types of books can support your children as they grow up. They not only help them learn and gain knowledge, which is great for school results, but they’re also highly beneficial for their social and emotional development.

We do know what a hassle it can be for parents to stimulate children’s reading habits, though. So, we asked our friends at Hey Reader, the newest kids book club in the Netherlands, to share their tips. And the first one is quite simple: find out which type of little reader your child is to understand how you can support their reading at home.


The 3 different profiles of little readers

The reading tiger

Your child may already have discovered the pleasure of reading. How great is that? For parents, the challenge is only to make sure their tiger’s reading hunger remains satisfied with the best kids’ books out there.

The reading puppy

Your little one might need a hand. There is so much distraction and other fun things to do in the world that reading is easy to miss. We get that! You just need to take a moment to let your child discover how much fun reading actually is. You will see that once your child has discovered the joy of reading, things will get better and better.

The reading caterpillar

With the right books and a little encouragement, your child can grow into a real reading butterfly. It is important that you provide your child with books that really match their development and interests. Reading will gradually become an absolute highlight of your child’s day.


Learn how to make reading fun at home

Click the button below to take the quiz and discover your little one’s reading profile. Once you know if they’re a reading tiger, a reading puppy, or a reading caterpillar, make sure to download Hey Reader’s mini-guide for a load of helpful tips on how to stimulate your child’s reading habits.



About Hey Reader


Launched by UNGA, Hey Reader is the newest monthly kids’ book club in the Netherlands that stimulates reading habits from an early age.

Every month, our expert curators select the best children’s books for 3 different age groups:

  • 4–5
  • 6–7
  • 8–9

We always put quality first! In their box, families receive the book of the month, information about the book, but also reading tips and much more. Visit heyreader.nl

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