Why Run Loyalty Campaigns During Major Sporting Events?

Campaigns During Major Sporting Events
19.12.2022 research

Still in doubt about running a loyalty campaign during a sporting event? We’ve got you covered.

Sports events have undeniable popularity. Think about the World Cup, Olympics & Paralympics, Super Bowl or NBA. These events manage to engage and connect people all over the world. More than that, every single person has a memory to share when it comes to that unforgettable final, the most iconic goal from their favorite player, or even the moment when their team won (or lost) the championship. It’s not “just sports”. Sports are also associated with emotions, a sense of belonging, and competitiveness. But why are sports events so popular?

Understanding the love for sports & the popularity of sporting events

From football and tennis to basketball and golf, people love to play and watch sports. The popularity of sports has been steadily increasing and so is the number of people playing and supporting their favorite teams. For instance, estimation shows that in 2020 there were more than 265 million football players worldwide. In addition, around 3.5 billion people consider themselves to be football fans. 

With so many sports lovers all over the world, there’s no doubt that sports events became so popular. Over the past years, these have grown in reach, viewership, and brand collaborations. Let’s take a look at the last big sports events: The 2020 Olympics counted more than 3.05 billion unique views (International Olympic Committee (IOC), 2021), while the 2014 World Cup had over 562 million views (Richter, 2022). 

Fans already support their teams throughout the entire year. But during a big sporting event, such as the World Cup, these emotions & love for sports tend to grow even more. Even those that are usually not that into sports will be ready to put on their best shirts and celebrate during the big party. These events have the power to bring friends, families, supporters and, in fact, entire nations together!

Here’s why you need a loyalty campaign during sporting events

Sporting events are a huge opportunity to connect with existing and potential clients. Not only the real fans but also those that would like to celebrate that unique moment of the year. This is exactly why so many brands run loyalty campaigns during sporting events. 

You might be thinking “Why would I do a campaign if so many other brands are already doing it?”. Well, more than just being a great opportunity for a brand to embark on free publicity loved by millions of people, having your own campaign running during this key period is also what will give you an advantage over your competitors. 

It’s well known that sports events also have a psychological impact on people’s emotions. Connecting with shoppers over something they already love, or making them feel appreciated by supporting their favorite sports event will give you amazing long-term results that you’d not expect. Think of emotional connection and gratitude. And here goes our favorite word… Customer Loyalty! 

By rewarding your customer during a sporting event, you’re not only giving them a free reward. You’re amplifying their favorite time of the year and allowing them to experience these big events for themselves. In other words, you will be remembered for your amazing campaign that created hype, helped them to celebrate, and made their weekly grocery trips even more fun! 

How to hit a successful home run with your own campaign

Sporting events will only keep rising in popularity. Their overall reach and value increasing day by day. This, whilst offering wonderful opportunities to both retailers and shoppers. Helping the community come together one event at a time. 

Now you don’t want others racing past you to the finish line. Go for gold and discover the opportunities that a loyalty campaign during sporting events can bring to your business!

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