Woes Weinberg in the Loyalty Magazine Awards 30 Under 40 list for 2020

Woes Weinberg - LMA 30 Under 40
24.06.2020 news

We are thrilled to announce that Woes Weinberg, UNGA’s Head of Marketing, has been chosen for the prestigious Loyalty Magazine Awards 30 Under 40 list for 2020. With this win, Woes is one of the Top 30 Loyalty Experts worldwide this year.

During each annual Loyalty Magazine Awards ceremony, the 30 Under 40 list is revealed and celebrates the talent emerging and flourishing in the loyalty industry. The jury selects and recognizes professionals who transform the loyalty business and bring powerful programs to life.

Woes Weinberg joined UNGA in 2018, awarded for kids loyalty campaigns that generate hype worldwide and help retailers meet their marketing and sales goals. Backed by years of experience in brand management and business development for FMCGs, Woes oversees UNGA’s marketing activities, including portfolio development and licensing. “I am proud to receive this award. It is a well-deserved recognition of UNGA’s achievements and the meaningful work accomplished by the entire team to ensure retailers grow.”

As described in the Winners Edition of the Loyalty Magazine: “Woes is responsible for connecting the most relevant IPs (intellectual properties or ideas) to strong loyalty concepts and retailers across the globe. His contribution is to make sure an IP comes to life as strong as possible during a campaign and at the same time grows the partner brand and campaign goals. When this happens, it is not just the applicable campaign that benefits from it, but the whole IP experience with an uplift in brand awareness, perception and sales”.

This year, UNGA had two campaigns nominated for the Loyalty Magazine Awards in the ‘Best short-term initiatives’ category:

  • Little Checkers, a playful loyalty campaign that celebrates Checkers supermarkets; 
  • And Little Chefs (Kruiden Sjeffies), created for PLUS supermarkets to add flavor to children’s life. 

They both stood out for creating a kids’ craze in South Africa and the Netherlands. Read more on the nominated loyalty campaigns.

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