“Won’t Stop Us”: Crises Won’t Stop Children From Thriving

20.11.2020 news

One of UNGA’s missions is to support children worldwide by enabling them to grow through play. That is why today, on World Children’s Day, we want to give a shoutout to our partner, Right To Play, and the powerful “Won’t Stop Us” campaign.



COVID-19 has transformed children’s lives, but for many, it is only one of many life-changing challenges they’ve faced this year. Around the world, children are also standing up to unprecedented crises as the global pandemic exacerbates inequality, discrimination, and the effects of disasters and wars. “Won’t Stop Us” is here to remind us all that children need our support to overcome these challenges and push through to a brighter future in 2021.

Irene - Quote 1 - Twitter

November 20th is an important date: World Children’s Day. This is a day for children and by children, a day to imagine a better future for every child.

Discover how Irene, but also Mateus, Judith and Daniyal refuse to let disasters, wars, inequality, and the pandemic determine and limit their future. With our support but also your support, crises won’t stop their dreams. Read more about “Won’t Stop Us”.


Helping children worldwide grow through the power of play

Since the beginning of 2020, UNGA and Right To Play have teamed up to promote the power of play and help children in the most difficult places in the world to rise and recapture hope. Between May and July 2020, for instance, the UNGA team engaged in a playful initiative: employees moved for children and unlocked play rewards for Right To Play’s programs. Read more.

With a yearly contribution, UNGA supports Right To Play sport- and play-based programs that protect, educate, and empower children in 15 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Right To Play’s programs provide them with a chance to heal from their harsh realities and create a better future for themselves.

Read more on how we use the power of play to lift kids and families up globally.

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