Woolworths Aussie Heroes celebrates the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics

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08.07.2021 campaigns, news

To support Australia’s competing athletes and celebrate them with its customers, Woolworths partnered up with UNGA to launch the powerful Woolworths Aussie Heroes campaign during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Families from down under can show their support and join this exciting event by collecting stickers of their favorite Aussie Heroes during a shopping trip to learn all about them!


Inspiring the next generation of Aussie Heroes with Woolworths’ newest campaign


From July 7  to August 3, 2021, shoppers can collect stickers of their favorite athletes for every AUD 20 spent when shopping at Woolworths all over the country, in store and online. In total, 40 unique sticker packs can be collected in-store. Each pack contains three stickers: one portrait sticker of an athlete and two picture stickers related to the athletes and the Olympics and Paralympics history. Lucky shoppers will also be surprised by limited edition gold stickers or even special stickers with real autographs of the athletes!

All the stickers have their special spot in the illustrated 78-page collector’s album. It’s playful and easy; families only need to match the sticker to each athlete in the album and learn about their sport as well as the challenges and victories they experienced on their Olympics and Paralympics journey. In addition, families can also learn about healthy eating together and be inspired by the athletes’ favorite fruits and veggies.


Woolworths Aussie Heroes products

The album includes:

  • The Olympics and Paralympics history – since the first event in 1896!
  • Sports rules, instructions, and curiosities
  • Stories about the athletes as well as their challenges and victories
  • Nutrition information about the Aussie Heroes’ favorite fruits & veggies
  • A Medal Tally to keep track of all the medals each athlete has won in previous editions of the Games.


All the sticker booklets and stickers are made from paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which ensures that the products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. Aussie families can play with high-quality and responsible products while learning all about the new sports that will be contested for the first time at the Tokyo 2020 Games such as surfing, para-badminton, skateboarding, 3 x 3 basketball, para-taekwondo, sport climbing, and karate.


Celebrating sporting excellence and the power of play that excites the world


The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the world’s greatest sporting events. Over 15,000 dedicated athletes from over 200 nations have trained relentlessly to become the best in their sport and earn the honor of representing their country at the Tokyo 2020 Games. The Games embody the spirit of friendly competition that helps athletes overcome challenges and turn their goals into greatness, which is exactly what Woolworths wants to highlight in the Aussie Heroes campaign.

With this campaign, Woolworths is also encouraging kids to find their passion and set their goals, so they can become Aussie Heroes themselves. Even more than that, Woolworths is offering families tips to success: from a balanced and healthy diet to the most famous examples of determination and passion for sports.

As Charlotte Healey, Head of Strategy at UNGA, said, “It’s been great to partner with Woolworths Supermarkets to deliver a collectibles campaign which brings one of the world’s greatest sporting events into Australian families’ homes. Moreover, by collecting stickers of their favorite Aussie Heroes—who used their motivation to make their dreams come true—kids are stimulated to find their own passion and achieve their dreams.”


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