Woolworths Bricks Farm: Bringing the Farm to Australian Households

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08.02.2023 campaigns, news

Woolworths Bricks have returned and in 2023, they are heading to the farm. Discover our Woolworths Bricks Farm! Following the enormous success of Woolworths Bricks supermarket in 2021, UNGA is partnering up with the Australian retailer again to create a new farm-focused collectible campaign to surprise and delight their customers. Families can collect and create their own Woolworths Bricks Farm – with a lineup of Bricks made from 100% recycled plastic!

With Woolworths Bricks Farm, it’s time to discover and learn about Australia’s farms and farmers through the power of play.

The farm theme for the second Woolworths Bricks campaign

Australian shoppers are invited to participate in this loyalty campaign from the 8th of February 2023. Customers will receive a Woolworths Bricks Farm pack with every AUD 30 they spend at Woolworths during this six-week campaign. Through play, Woolworths Bricks Farm 2023 aims to educate families on where food comes from whilst celebrating Australian farming with families across the country.

Certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), this Farm edition of Bricks is the perfect collectible campaign to celebrate local agriculture and the hard work of farmers. The campaign also brings awareness to the importance of fresh food. The Bricks collection designed by UNGA is also compatible with other brands, allowing kids to bring their play experience to the next level!

“Woolworths Bricks Farm, made using 100% recycled plastic, showcases the intricate ecosystem of our Australian farms. We hope the latest evolution of our Bricks collectible encourages our customers to learn more about where their food comes from through the interactive play of Bricks.”

Paul Stibbard, Senior Manager of Collectibles and Continuity – Woolworths Supermarkets

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Collect. Build. Play.

What makes this campaign so unique is how amazingly Australian it is: a campaign from the popular Australian retailer for Australian families, highlighting local produce, animals, and brands. In fact, each one of the Bricks was inspired by local items and products that can be found on farms across the country.

Here are some of the items customers will find in the flow packs:

  • A playful lineup of Bricks including a chicken coop, a drone and a compost
  • A native Australian bird: The Kookaburra
  • A Farm dog: A Kelpie
  • A beekeeper figurine, a hive, and OwnBrand honey
  • Locally sourced produce: Avocados, carrots, potatoes, pears, corn, wheat, and more!
  • Woolworths OwnBrand items: Milk, cheese, butter, and honey.

Loyal shoppers will also recognize “The Odd Bunch” carrots in this lineup, just like the ones they see on their shopping trips. These were included due to Woolworths’ food waste initiative. “The dream of being tasted, not wasted” plays a role in combating food waste as they prevent waste by selling good quality odd-shaped products which would otherwise go to waste. We know that farmers need the right equipment and tools to supply Australia and Woolworths stores with fresh, good-quality food. Suppliers across the nation use different innovative methods and ideas to maintain their farms and transport their crops. That’s why we’ve included these two special items that can also be found in the Woolworths Bricks packs:

  • An agricultural drone: On Australian farms, drones are used to explore wide fields and monitor crops, herds, and water levels!
  • A composter: a sustainable way to help recycle vital nutrients and improve the quality of the soil
    Build & expand your farm collection.

Aside from these collectibles, families also have the opportunity to purchase and collect six unique merchandise items. The merchandise items can help shoppers to expand and grow their own Woolworth sets at home and make the pretend-play even more real. Little Woolworths Bricks farmers can take care of their Bricks farm with the help of:

  • A homestead starter pack with a baseplate to start the building of a farm
  • A farm shed to store farm vehicles in
  • A farm tractor* for harvesting the miniature crops
  • A farm truck* allows easy food transport
  • A quad bike* gives farmers easy and fast access to their land
  • An animal set that includes a Blue Heeler dog, a cat, chickens, a cow, a calf, a pig, and a piglet

* Each one of the merchandise sets above comes with a unique Bricks Farm character.


Towards a greener, sustainable future

Not only does Woolworths Bricks Farm highlight fresh and locally sourced produce, but the impact on the environment & recycling as well. The Woolworths Bricks store campaign, back in 2021, innovated in the loyalty industry by bringing Bricks made from 80% recycled plastic. In 2023, UNGA and Woolworths are going even further by launching an entire collection of Brick made using 100% recycled plastic.

With this collectible campaign, Woolworths is giving a new life to repurposed fridges, microwaves, goggles, and luggage handles. In addition, Woolworths Bricks Farm is also a first for the Australian supermarket as it is the only 100% recycled plastic bricks program to date. To launch an even greener collectible campaign, Woolworths is also partnering with Terracycle to continue the recycling process. Bricks no longer wanted will be collected in-store and recycled with TerraCycle, helping to prevent unnecessary waste and landfill.

“It’s wonderful to be partnering with Woolworths again on the second edition of our bricks campaign. The team at UNGA worked closely with Woolies to ensure we celebrated the role of Aussie farmers and used 100% recycled plastic bricks. We can’t wait to see how Aussie kids and families collect, build and play with their Woolworths Bricks Farm collectibles!”
Charlotte Healey, Head of Strategy – UNGA


Find out more about the campaign here: woolworths.com.au/bricks

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