Working Effectively Together: A Multicultural Day at UNGA

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26.11.2019 news

What are cultural similarities and intercultural challenges? How can we be more creative and innovative with many different cultures and perspectives? With employees representing nearly 20 nationalities, offices on 3 continents as well as clients and partners operating in over 20 countries, UNGA is very much an international company. We thus dedicated a full day to learn how to better understand each other and create cultural awareness. Read on and find out more!

Our day in a nutshell

On November 5th, 2019, our whole team participated in an exceptional multicultural day that took place at our headquarters in Amsterdam. Thanks to our trainer Jackie van der Kroft—Anthropology and Sociology of Development specialist—as well as her team of consultants, we learned more about working efficiently in multicultural teams and international contexts. With the help of interesting workshops, fun card games, communication exercises and brainstorming, we definitely grew through play.


Our people verified its importance

From trend watchers to creative strategists and toy makers, this training had an impact on all of us. In the words of our HR Coordinator Gloria van Vonderen, “The power of play came to life by playing a cultural card game and learning that people can have different rules and perspectives. Those different perspectives can be influenced by their culture. It was great playing with each other, connect and interact in a different way than usual. For me, that was a big success!”.

This multicultural day helped us broaden our minds more and motivated us in our discussions with global stakeholders. As our Project Manager Manon Fredj Oba puts it, “In our everyday life at UNGA, we are in constant communication with people all around the globe. This training helped us to be even more open-minded towards different nationalities and resulted in enhanced communication, internally and with our clients”.

As the day came to an end, we truly realized how constructive this training session was for all of us. It helped strengthen the bonds within our team so that we were inspired to take action and hone our understanding of cultural diversity.

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