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Families and children deserve the greatest tools to navigate through life and grow.

Coping with busy schedules, parents seek to balance their work, home, and social lives. In other words, they are now on the hunt for convenient and time-saving solutions, without forsaking quality. Parents are willing to return to authentic products and activities to protect their children’s as well as their own well-being and to make sure that they don’t miss out on family time.

Direct to Consumer services

We act and bring entertaining and instructive concepts directly to families.

What does convenience imply for families? A willingness to pay for products and services that help them save time and effort so that when they return home from work, they can completely focus on their family and friends.

Uniqueness and quality remain strong priorities. Most often, parents do not compromise with toys and products that are merely fun. They always seek meaningful and enriching experiences with authentic products that can lift their children up and aid the strengthening and growth of their family bonds.

Consumers nowadays understand that the excessive use of electronic devices can harm them and the next generations. This is especially true if the latter starts using them at an early age. A perfect opportunity to return to the physical world is through books. Reading is a much-valued activity that parents enjoy. It is a resolution that returns every year, and it is also a fun and educational activity to engage in together as a family.

Research indicates that because they have several alternatives that they consider more fun and entertaining, children tend to read less. So, for the love of books, we figured it is time to bring reading back to families’ homes by making it fun again.

Discover “Hey Reader”, our first direct to consumers service. “Hey Reader” is a children’s book subscription service launched in the Netherlands that stimulates reading from an early age thanks to playful and creative activities.

Hey Reader

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Books curated by specialists

Professionals who understand the needs of children select the best stories tailored to meet the demand of each age group.

Fun and educational activities

The selected books are coupled with playful activities that stimulate creativity and learning in a fun way.

Monthly subscription and delivery

Each month, the ‘Hey Reader!’ box is delivered straight to families’ doorsteps, for even increased convenience.

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