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Loyalty Campaigns

Interaction creates connection. Connection cultivates loyalty.

Children, already guiding many of the purchase decisions within their families, are the shoppers of tomorrow. Retailers should develop a meaningful relationship with the youngest generation as well as parents. And the key ingredient to connect and grow with kids and families is play.

We specifically design fun and educational family-centered loyalty campaigns.

Building a loyalty campaign is nothing new but creating a both engaging and family-friendly concept requires knowledge and expertise. For us at UNGA, it has always been about understanding kids and parents. Locating the right mechanisms to make families and retailers deeply connect. Parents are always on the hunt for tools to help their children navigate through life. What better way for a retailer to develop a fanbase of loyal shoppers than pitching in a fun and engaging manner?

For our campaigns to be truly successful, we work hard to always make entertainment and education converge. We are continuously researching and studying children’s and families’ behavior as well as toy and retail trends so that we can address the needs of both families and retailers. Our designers and toy makers subsequently craft products and concepts that kids enjoy playing and learning with and which parents trust to be safe and instructive.

Our creative strategists and marketers put these concepts at the center of bespoke loyalty campaigns. To provide shoppers with rewards of high perceived value. To help retailers bond with families and witness their sales growth. Kids love our playground perfect games. Parents appreciate the educational and enriching value of our concepts. And retailers build trust and connections with each family member. They all grow through the power of play.

We won the best short-term loyalty campaign awards twice!

2017 – Little Shop
2018 – Little Garden


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Concept & production

We design everything in-house, from the concept ideation to the manufacturing of toys and collectibles.

  • In-house IP or collaboration with major studios to license IP
  • Strictly meeting safety regulations
  • Excellent quality control
  • Logistics (shipping, customs, distribution)

360º campaigns

We conduct extensive field research, obsessive number-crunching, and exhaustive analysis to gauge the success of our campaigns.

  • Below and above the line advertising
  • POS development at highly competitive rates
  • Campaign design and activation
  • Related merchandise
  • Retail and shopper insights
  • Data analysis and forecast
  • Post-campaign evaluation

Digital innovation & more

Our dedicated innovation laboratory and our team of whizzes are constantly looking to adopt technology to increase engagement and returns.

  • Interactive toys
  • Animation
  • Apps / Game apps (including image recognition and augmented and virtual reality)
  • Children’s brand building for major studios IPs
  • Online & social media development
  • CRM data mining
  • POS production
  • Bio-plastic development
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