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What is meaningful for families can be successful for brands and retailers.

When prancing around the aisles in stores, what are kids most attracted to? What do they ask their parents to buy? What makes parents give in to their requests? And how can these toys and games bring brands closer to families?
We answer these questions for you. Ultimately, we create shelf toys and products that families enjoy due to the fun and educational benefits they offer. The result: increased sales for inspired retailers who care about their shoppers.


We create playful concepts that kids want to grab from the shelves

With nearly 15 years of experience, UNGA has grown to become an established name in the toy and educational products industry. We intercept what is valuable for families and what can be considered a good deal on the shelf.

As Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is the highest form of research”. Well, our primary source of insights is undoubtedly the minds of our creative team. We unleash our inner-child and breathe life into original and appealing ideas.

We ensure that the concepts which we craft play a role in children’s development and also help our partners attain their own goals. How? With creative content and smart conversion tactics.

Next to that, our in-house IP development department works hard to create our own strong and powerful IPs. We also collaborate with licenses from the world’s best entertainment franchises. By riding trends, movie releases and seasonal themes, or even revisiting the past with iconic characters, we forge an immediate connection with kids and respond to parents’ nostalgia.

We handle the entire sourcing and production process prior to the display of quality products on shelves.


What we
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Concept & Design

We design everything in-house, from the concept ideation to the manufacture of the toys and products.

  • Research – Trends and insights
  • Tailored product design
  • In-house IP
  • Or collaboration with major studios to license IP


We create toys, games, and educational products. We make sure they are safe for kids and families to enjoy.

  • Production
  • Strictly adhering to safety regulations
  • Excellent quality control measures


We handle all the logistics and we collaborate with global distributors to reach the most relevant audience.

  • Shipping
  • Customs
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