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Little Shop completer

Concept to Collectible

We design everything in-house – tailor-made to your campaign – and manufacture the collectibles ourselves at our dedicated production facilities.

• Concept ideation
• Co-creation
• Children-centric focus
• Collaboration with major studios to license IP – or create our own
• Product design
• Production
• Strict safety regulations
• Excellent quality control
• Logistics (shipping, customs, distribution)

Marketing know-how

360º Campaigns & Marketing Know-how

We design 360º campaigns – not only the merchandise – which include extensive field research and obsessive number-crunching and analysis to measure their success.

• Below & above the line advertising
• POS development at very competitive rates
• Campaign design
• Campaign activation
• Related merchandise
• Retail & shopper insights
• Data analysis & forecast
• Post-campaign evaluation


Digital Innovation & Other Extraordinary Services

We are continuously looking to technology to increase engagement and returns – and enhance the educational value of each campaign – via our dedicated innovation laboratory and team of whizzes.

• In-house innovation lab
• Interactive toys
• Animation
• Apps / Games apps (including image recognition and augmented & virtual reality)
• Children’s brand building for major studios IPs
• Online & social media development
• CRM data mining
• POS production
• Bio-plastic development

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