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What we do isn’t about us.

It’s about families and businesses that can grow together through the power of play. For them, we design from the heart and with a genuine passion for what we do.

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We bring retailers and families closer through our award-winning loyalty campaigns.

The retail industry is highly competitive, which means shoppers’ loyalty is precious. Therefore, the most effective way for retailers to focus on the unique needs and interests of specific segments – such as families – is through short-term loyalty campaigns.

Initially a toy design studio, UNGA specializes in family-centered loyalty campaigns. We develop and design entertaining and educational concepts that children and families love. Moreover, we combine them with impressive marketing mechanisms that provide retailers with higher cart value, customer retention, and the expected sales uplift.

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Partner Products

From our studio to stores and families’ homes we create fun and educational products.

We have been studying families from various angles and crafting millions of toys for years. Thus, we know how to make children happy, with entertaining concepts and kid-friendly designs. And we understand that parents expect toys to stimulate their children’s minds and to be safe to use.

For that reason, the concepts, toys, and games that we bring to life combine an educational and fun approach. Once on the shelf, they draw families’ attention and create engagement. Inevitably, they end up in their cart, generating valuable sales for our partners.

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Direct to Consumer services

Direct to

We supply families with quality time by delivering great concepts directly to their door.

We observe how families evolve. We know the challenges they face and what they need to thrive. And we want to help.

Following years of research, gaining insights, and accruing experience in toy design, we decided to take a step further and address families directly. In addition to loyalty campaigns and partner products, we now provide customized direct to consumer products that help families grow.

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