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For retailers and families who faithfully shop at their stores, we produce high-quality customer rewards that initiate playful and bonding moments.

We craft toys, games, collectibles… and smiles

  • In-house production management: from design & development to engineering, sourcing, production and logistics
  • Supervision of the entire chain by our own quality control team, committed to achieving the highest safety and quality standards while keeping an eye on the local standards
  • Worldwide logistic network ensuring that our products are delivered efficiently and on time

We make loyalty campaigns better

We are proud to provide certifications attesting of the quality of our products and production processes.

  • 0 recalls – 100% safe: Our products are safe for kids and families to make the most out of playtime together.
  • Sustainable manufacturing: To fully support our partners and meet consumers’ expectations, we offer more sustainable alternatives for all our concepts.

So for all our concepts, we try to think of more sustainable alternatives. Some of our partnership examples you can discover below.

Plastic & recycled plastic

We design concepts for kids to play with, learn, and grow. We make them to last, so we use durable materials like plastic to produce high-quality products that meet the most strict safety regulations.

For a better environmental impact, we offer the possibility to use recycled plastic, which saves existing plastic from ending up in landfills and has a much lower carbon footprint.

Paper and cardboard

Collectibles, collector’s cards, stickers, albums… Many concepts in our portfolio feature products made of paper and cardboard, including packaging. Our team makes sure to source paper and cardboard from preferably responsibly managed forests (FSC).

With cardboard and paper, families can easily recycle our products. Not only does it make loyalty campaigns more environment-friendly, but it also gives retailers an opportunity to help kids learn about recycling and encourage families to recycle at home.


Plush toys and stuffed animals are timeless. Kids love them for their soft texture and cute looks, and they make great companions to play and grow with.

In nearly 15 years, we have created many lines of plush toys for loyalty campaigns. We are proud to be able to offer our partners and clients the option to manufacture RCS*-certified plush toys, produced out of recycled materials.

*Recycling Claim Standard

Plant-based materials

You may know our award-winning and famous Little Chefs and Little Garden campaigns. They are loved by millions of families worldwide who, each time, thank retailers for taking a more sustainable turn.

With such campaigns and products made of plant-based materials, we provide families with an opportunity to go back to nature — a great way for our partners to align with their customers’ values through the power of play.

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