Top 3 Evolutions of UK Supermarket
Collectable Promotions

that will guide your future retail marketing strategy


The pandemic is impacting grocery retail and consumer behaviour. If you're a marketer in charge of supermarket loyalty or events, you need to adapt now to meet consumers' expectations. Read the predictions on the evolution of collectable promotions in the UK to start preparing your future marketing strategy.

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What's inside?

Discover how collectable promotions will play a major role in attracting and retaining shoppers.

  1. Collectable promotions will connect retailers’ marketing and CSR strategies
    → Use them to make a positive impact
  2. At-home activities and healthy eating will be at the centre of customer rewards
    → Improve families’ daily lives and eating habits through collectable promotions
  3. e-Commerce will rise, and so will digital collectable promotions
    → Mechanics, rewards and activation will take a digital turn


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